Starting from August 2017. , NDM Solution takes over NDM Metal and continues all business operations. Folow the link www.ndmsolution.com

NDM Metal has been operating since the early 1990s, initially as a “Metal Elektrik” company for the production of coffee grinders, mugs and cyclones, as well as some machines for footwear. At that time, its products rounded up the process of processing and packaging of coffee and part of the process in the production of footwear. Today, NDM Metal, in addition to servicing roasters, coffee grinders and mills, products and welders for all types of foils, packaging machines with thermosetting foil, machines for production of footwear, metal boxes and cabinets, transformers and equipment, etc. It can also offer various services in the processing, processing and protection of metals, metal structures and electrical installations. We are here to realize all your ideas, in the domain of our business, quality and mutual satisfaction.